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Press machine daily operation and maintenance


Jan 11,2023

Press tile machine is a very common machinery, in the use of the process must be carried out on a regular basis, the only way to be able to use the normal maintenance of the time to be divided into several parts, the following is the method of maintenance tile machine, Mainly divided into filters, hydraulic components and hydraulic circuits.
Hydraulic circuit: If the tile machine should be repaired after the hydraulic system to view, you must view the tank oil level a week, the oil level at the window to be filled with hydraulic oil, can not be greater than 70 degrees Celsius, the system generally at 35 oil temperature -60 degrees Celsius range, if too high will be able to make the deterioration of oil quality and parts of the transformation, the future for each period of time will have to change oil, the new machine will work two thousand hours after the oil change, each oil change When to clean the tank.
Filter: Filter to be replaced or thoroughly cleaned, every oil change, every 3 months to be viewed and cleaned, the air filter above the tank, 1 year replacement is the best, the machine is related Alarm or other oil quality is not clean and other abnormal filter.
Hydraulic components: Do not use detergent, clean the hydraulic components every month, to avoid dirt inside the system to see the pressure tile bending position of each tube has no deformation, the new pressure tile machine in use for thirty days In the future, if there is any abnormality, it will be replaced. After 60 days of application, it is necessary to fasten the connection position of all the accessories. When this work is carried out, the system should be shut down without any pressure on the system.