377 straightening machine reducer a successful test377 straightening machine reducer a successful test



Domestic steel pipe industry experienced nearly 20 years of development, has gradually grown from small to large scale, growing scale, increasing production, variety is increasing, the increasingly fierce competition. When it is needed, the mode of production has been transformed from rough to refined, from inefficient to highly efficient, from cold-drawn mode of production excluding environmental costs to environmentally friendly hot-rolled mode.
In view of the above, the Company as a professional seamless pipe equipment design and manufacturing enterprises with the times, and the domestic steel pipe manufacturing enterprises with the development of progress, and constantly develop efficient, low-power, environmentally friendly production equipment and new means of production for the domestic Cold-drawn production plant in a timely manner into a small-scale hot-rolled production plant to do the basic equipment work.
Since 2007, the company developed and launched φ114 ~ φ25 hot-rolled seamless tube production line. The unit has the following characteristics:

1, investment in equipment, advanced technology, hot-rolled production.

2, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, with an annual output of 5 to 60,000 tons, than the cold-drawn production costs can reduce the cost of 300 to 500 yuan.

3, production methods environmental protection, acid-free process.

4, specifications varieties, diameter φ114 ~ φ25 mm, length 6 ~ 25m, wall thickness of 2.5 to 16 mm.

5, to adapt to all kinds of steel, can produce a variety of high-quality carbon steel and alloy steel and boiler tubes and oil pipes, oil casing and so on.

6, is to replace the cold-drawn production methods to achieve efficient, energy saving, environmental protection the most competitive equipment selection, is the only small-scale steel production scale, low-cost choice.
The Company to rigorous and pragmatic, independent innovation and development of industry and industry serve the country for the purpose of work to treat hospitality fully consider the interests of customers for the idea of ​​dedication to steel business as its mission to invite domestic and international steel pipe industry customers choose the common development of equipment, Achieve a better tomorrow!