Color steel tile machinery color steel tile machine installation method



Color steel tile machinery color steel tile machine testing part of the detection: the length of the color steel tile pulse encoder, the pressure of the up and down travel switch, the cutter up and down travel switch, the pressure of the upper and lower operation button, the cutter up and down the trip Button, emergency stop switch, hydraulic start-stop switch, etc. Color steel tile equipment. Color steel tile machine execution part of the inverter drive motor, hydraulic motor station, the pressure of the two hydraulic solenoid valve, the knife of the two hydraulic solenoid valve.
(1) high-pressure rolling machine bulk method
High-altitude bulk method refers to the small fight unit or parts (single rod and a single node) directly in the design position to fight the total method. High-altitude bulk method has a full bracket (that is, full of scaffolding) law and cantilevered two, all-stent method used for parts assembly, and cantilevered law is mostly used for small units in the total spell situation. Since the assembly of spare parts at high altitude, without the need for large lifting equipment, but due to erection of large-scale assembly bracket, need a lot of scaffolding material.
(2) points or sub-block installation method
Slitting or block installation method refers to the grid divided into bars or block units were lifting equipment hoisted to high-altitude design position put in place, and then into the overall installation method. Strip refers to the length along the grid divided into several segments across the length of each segment can be a grid to three grids, the length of the span of the grid span, block refers to the vertical and horizontal grid along the division The shape of the rear cell is rectangular or square. The weight of each unit is based on the lifting capacity of existing lifting equipment on site.
Slitting or sub-block installation Most welding and splicing work on the ground, is conducive to improving the quality of the project, and can save most of the assembly bracket, due to single-site at the time has taken into account existing lifting equipment capacity, can take full advantage of Existing equipment at the site reduces the rental costs for lifting equipment.